Wisdom Teeth Removal in Springbank Hill

Do you have pain or discomfort in the farthest back area of your mouth? Or do you find it hard to chew using your back teeth? If you’re already at age 20, then it may be because of your wisdom teeth. More than 90% of people get their wisdom teeth removed and it’s because of several reasons; the leading cause is severe pain.

If you are looking for a dentist in Springbank Hill for gentle and expert wisdom teeth removal, Springbank Hill Dental in Calgary can help. Book an appointment with us for a thorough examination of your wisdom tooth so we can determine if it needs urgent extraction.

What are wisdom teeth, and why do they need to be removed?

The wisdom teeth, or the third molars, are the last tooth to come out of the mouth, usually around your late teens or early 20s. And they are positioned at the farthest back of your dentition.

But if you are already within the age of the usual wisdom tooth eruption and you are yet to see your third molars, do not be alarmed. This is a common scenario and happens to almost everyone.

Because the jaw usually only has enough space to accommodate up to 2 molars on each side of the upper and lower arch, the third molars or your wisdom tooth often come out at an angle. Sometimes, they do not come out at all. These are called impacted wisdom teeth, and they usually come with a bunch of dental problems. It is for this reason that they typically need to be removed.

Problems with Wisdom Teeth

  • Impacted wisdom teeth often manifest with dental concerns such as:
  • Severe, radiating pain
  • Difficulty in opening, closing the mouth
  • Pain during eating
  • Teeth crowding
  • Dental decay
  • Gum infection
  • Cheek biting
  • Dental cyst

Others are lucky that their wisdom teeth come out properly. But for the majority whose wisdom teeth are out of alignment in the mouth, your dentist may recommend getting them removed to prevent damage to other teeth and potential infection.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Process

Unlike simple tooth extractions, impacted wisdom teeth removal in Springbank Hill, Calgary involves a more thorough treatment planning and extensive surgery. Our dentists at Springbank Hill Dental perform a wisdom tooth extraction in 3 stages:

Treatment Planning

Digital x-rays and scans are used to identify the exact position of your wisdom tooth. Accurate assessment should be done to approximate vital nerves and blood vessels surrounding an impacted wisdom tooth to prevent unforeseen complications.

Treatment planning is also important to help your Springbank Hill dentist determine the safest and most efficient way to remove the tooth.

Wisdom Teeth Surgery

Then, the area will be anesthetized for improved comfort and patient experience. Once the surgery site is completely numb, your dentist will incise along the gum covering the wisdom tooth to remove it effectively.

If necessary, bone and gum removal will be done, especially for a fully impacted wisdom tooth. Splitting of the tooth can also be done for easier retrieval. When the tooth is out, your dentist will clean the area, close your gums, and place gauze over it to allow the surgical site to heal.


Healing from wisdom teeth removal should take up to 2 weeks. To encourage excellent recovery, make sure to follow your dentist’s post-surgical guidelines. This should include proper hygiene practices and preventing possible trauma to the wound to allow it to heal naturally.

How do I prepare for wisdom tooth removal?

We do not do wisdom teeth removal in Springbank Hill in just one appointment. We usually split it into two, wherein the first visit is for a check-up, then the next is the surgery itself. During your check-up, we will discuss how the treatment will go so you can prepare for your wisdom teeth removal surgery.

Generally, we advise our patients who will undergo wisdom teeth extraction with the following pre-surgical tips:

  • For those with systemic diseases, talk to your general physician about the procedure
  • Fast for 8 – 12 hours prior
  • Arrange your transportation on the day of the surgery
  • Do not smoke and drink alcohol 12 hours before surgery
  • Let your dentist know of any medications you are taking

Recovery after Wisdom Teeth Removal

Around 3 – 5 days is the expected recovery after wisdom tooth removal. Our dentist’s best advice is that you should rest to allow your body to recover. Symptoms such as pain, bleeding, and swelling are expected during this time. You can alleviate them with OTC pain medications, applied pressure, and direct cold compress, respectively.

Another crucial factor to excellent recovery after surgery is to maintain the blood clot over the healing wound. This clot is full of nutritional factors that help seal the wound for faster healing.

For complete healing, allow yourself up to 2 weeks. Afterwards, you should feel good as new. No more pain around your jaw area, so you can enjoy smiling and eating the food you love.

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