Tooth Extractions in Springbank Hill

At Springbank Hill Dental in SW Calgary, our priority is always to save your tooth. Nothing is as good in appearance and function as your natural tooth. If you have tooth decay or a dental infection, usually this can be treated with a filling or root canal treatment. But, if there is significant damage to the tooth or widespread infection, keeping the tooth may do more harm than good.

In this case, our dentist may recommend getting a dental extraction. Springbank Hill Dental offers extractions for children and adults, including wisdom tooth removal.

During the tooth extraction process, we keep your comfort in mind by administering local anesthesia for numbing. We can also provide other sedation techniques if necessary.

What is a dental extraction?

Dental extraction is the process of completely removing the tooth from its socket. It is one of the most common dental procedures and is sometimes referred to as “pulling” a tooth. Usually, it is recommended for patients with severe tooth decay or damage and if fillings or root canal treatment will no longer suffice to save the tooth.

A successful tooth extraction can eliminate bacteria-causing dental infections and diseases. This prevents further complications and improves overall oral health.

Why is a dental extraction needed?

At Springbank Hill Dental, our dentist may recommend getting a tooth extraction if there is:

  • Severe pain or discomfort
  • Tooth decay or fracture
  • Dental infections or a “pimple” on the gums
  • Irritated gums
  • Periodontal disease
  • Trauma or injury
  • Impaction – especially for the wisdom tooth
  • Pain that radiates up to the ear
  • Jaw pain and difficulty in opening and closing the mouth

Remember that dental extractions are always the last resort for treatment. So, this is only done if the tooth is already damaged or infected beyond repair. After getting your tooth extractions at SW Calgary, our dentist will gladly discuss your teeth replacement options to restore your smile.

What to expect during a dental extraction?

Here’s a guide on what you can generally expect during a dental extraction:

Consultation and diagnostics

Getting X-rays is a crucial step in the extraction procedure. This helps our dentist evaluate the extent of tooth damage or infection. It also gives better visualization of the nerves, blood vessels, and other important structures surrounding the tooth. X-rays are also very helpful in determining the position of an impacted tooth.

With proper diagnostic tools, we can explain the treatment process to you and provide you with a safe procedure and predictable outcome.

Numbing or sedation

Most dental extractions can be carried out with local anesthesia to numb the area and provide you with optimal comfort. However, we can provide sedation when needed to further improve your dental experience. This is especially recommended for children or nervous patients.

Sedation Dentistry is a modern approach to dental extraction. It renders the patient in a “sleepy” state using sedative drugs administered in controlled dosages. At Springbank Hill Dental, we use oral sedative drugs, IV sedation, and nitrous oxide gas. You may consult with our attending dentist or staff for more information about this procedure.

Tooth removal

Once the area is numbed and you are most comfortable, we can proceed with removing the tooth. Sometimes, sectioning the tooth or dividing it into parts is done to facilitate easier removal.

For an impacted tooth, your dentist may open a flap in the gums and remove bone to gain access to the tooth for extraction. While this all sounds scary, do not worry because profound anesthesia will make sure you do not feel any pain!


Not all tooth extractions require sutures. But, this is an essential step if there is an opening or a flap. Suturing helps prevent food debris or other foreign materials from lodging into the extraction site. This encourages better and faster recovery.

If sutures are placed, your dentist may require you to return after 7 days to assess your healing. Also, some sutures do not dissolve on their own. So, your dentist will need to remove them after a week to prevent bacteria and plaque from sticking to the suture threads.

Post-op instructions

Once done, the last step in the dental extraction treatment is to provide you with a comprehensive guide for a good recovery. This is thoroughly discussed after the procedure to give you a better understanding of the dos and don’ts.

The healing process is different for every patient. Some may take just a few days to heal, while others may need up to a week or more. The healing time usually depends on the extracted tooth, overall patient hygiene, general health, and strict post-op follow-through.

Dental Extraction Aftercare Guide

The general rules after tooth extraction are to never disturb the blood clot covering the wound, rest for 24 hours, and maintain good oral hygiene. The blood clot is the body’s natural response to injury. It is full of nutrients that can speed up the recovery process. So, it is important that it is left undisturbed and remains over the socket.

Aside from these, other things you should do to speed up the healing time and improve the outlook of your treatment are:

  • Take the prescribed medications
  • Control bleeding using a gauze packed in place on the socket
  • Apply an ice bag 10 minutes at a time to relieve pain and ease swelling
  • Avoid strenuous activities for the next 2 days
  • Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol
  • Do not spit aggressively
  • Avoid drinking from a straw
  • Brush the extraction site gently
  • Rinse with a salt solution for antibacterial effects

If you encounter problems during your recovery period, such as uncontrolled bleeding or severe pain, call your dental office immediately so they can take a closer look and provide emergency treatment.

Tooth Extractions in SW Calgary

Springbank Hill Dental is home to board-certified dentists with exceptional skills in tooth extractions – whether simple tooth removal or complicated impacted tooth surgery. We take time to explain the procedure and answer all your concerns. And with modern sedative techniques available and the most advanced dental facility in SW Calgary, you can always be assured of the quality of service we provide.

Call our SW Calgary office today for a safe, seamless, and easy tooth extraction procedure!

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