Dental Fillings Springbank Hill

Do you have a tooth with decay or a cavity? Tooth decay is a rapidly progressing disease and may also lead to infection. Further left untreated, your dentist may need to resort to tooth extraction to prevent further involvement of other mouth structures.

This is why a decayed tooth needs treatment as soon as it is identified. All affected tooth structures need to be removed, and the tooth will need a restoration to renew its appearance and function. At Springbank Hill Dental, we use tooth-coloured or white dental fillings to do this.

What is a dental filling?

A dental filling is a white or tooth-coloured composite resin material. It is used for the treatment of a tooth with decay or damage. Dental fillings at Springbank Hill are of premium quality. They have the glossiness and durability of a real tooth for natural shine and optimal protection.

Here’s how the process of filling a tooth is done:

  • First, we prep the tooth to be restored by administering local anesthetics. This is important for improved comfort, especially for deep-seated cavities.
  • Then, your dentist will remove all decay from the tooth. Once the resin is placed, the cavity will also be shaped for maximum material stability.
  • The cavity is filled with layers of resin material. The top layer is moulded to look like a natural tooth before it is cured with light to harden.
  • Your bite will be checked and adjusted if needed.
  • The restoration will be polished to achieve a seamless appearance that matches your other teeth.

You can expect a dental filling to last up to a decade with excellent oral hygiene. Upkeep is done with routine dental visits for comprehensive check-ups and professional teeth cleaning.

Tooth-coloured fillings

Dental fillings in Springbank Hill are usually done with white or tooth-coloured fillings. With its excellent durability, It can be used as a restoration for the back tooth. And because composite is matched to the colour of the surrounding teeth, it can also be used as a cosmetic restoration for a chipped or fractured front tooth.


  • Widely available
  • Mimics the appearance of a natural tooth
  • Easily customizable for a seamless restoration
  • Requires less drilling, ideal for tooth structure preservation


  • May wear down easily
  • Fracture-prone, especially with direct forces
  • Cost is slightly higher than silver fillings

Restore the Health of Your Tooth

As soon as you see signs of tooth decay or cavitation, schedule a visit with Springbank Hill Dental for early intervention. These may be manifested as dark brown or black spots on the tooth surface.

Composite resin fillings remain the most cost-effective treatment option with dental fillings as they do not need extensive dental work. This can eliminate decay and restore the optimal health of your tooth for a long-lasting, beautiful smile. Call us at 404 – 454 – 4757 to book a visit.


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