Our Philosophy

At Springbank Hill Dental, we do things a little differently. Our practice is built around three core tenets: conservative dentistry, a caring atmosphere, and patient education. With these principles in mind, we’re able to offer our community compassionate, quality dental care that stands out from the rest.

We Value Preventative Dentistry

Conservative, minimally invasive dentistry is about preserving your natural teeth and tackling oral concerns when they’re still small. Essentially, we look to treat problems in their early stages, prevent disease, minimize or eliminate serious problems in the future, and keep as much of your healthy tooth structure intact as possible.

Friendly, Caring Atmosphere

Getting dental care is essential for your overall health, but we think feeling welcome, safe, and well taken care of at the dentist is important too. Springbank Hill Dental isn’t one of those impersonal corporate, or chain-type dental offices; we’re a tight-knit group of dental professionals who love helping out, and getting to know the families of our community.

When you visit our office, we invite you to enjoy our deluxe patient amenities and open up to our caring team about what you want out of your smile. Relax, get comfortable, and let us show you what it really means to go to a dentist who cares.

Patient Education & Participation

At some dental offices, it may seem like you’re given orders about your oral health without much choice or say in the matter. Not at Springbank Hill Dental! We believe in empowering patients by always going over the reasoning behind our professional recommendations, and helping you weigh the pros and cons. We aren’t here to push treatments on you; we’re here to explain to you what we think is best and why, so you can make your own informed decision.

Our dental office also has a variety of leading-edge technology that brings the patient into the dental care process. We think the more you understand your own oral health, the easier it’ll be for you to keep your smile healthy for years to come.