Dr. Wes Prepchuk

Dr. Wes Prepchuk was born in Edmonton but grew up mostly in the Calgary area. He made the trek over to Sydney, Australia in 2005, accompanied by his wife and two little boys. Since then, they’ve added two more children to their family, including one very spoilt little girl.

Dr. Prepchuk holds bachelor degrees in Biochemistry from the University of Lethbridge, Canada and in Dentistry from the University of Sydney, Australia.

Dr. Prepchuk believes in the importance of offering a complete range of services to his patients. Dr. Prepchuk has yet to discover an aspect of dentistry that he doesn’t enjoy. He loves the interaction with people, the intricately detailed work, and the active learning environment that dentistry provides.

After 14 years of practicing dentistry in Australia, Dr. Prepchuk and his now-grown family have moved back home to Calgary to settle and is overjoyed to be joining the team at Springbank Hill Dental, providing comprehensive dental care to Springbank Hill and surrounding communities.

Dr. Lovick

Dr. Lovick was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. In 1973, he graduated from the University of Toronto with his Doctor of Dental Surgery. He then moved to Calgary in 1974, largely in part for his love of mountains and open spaces.

Dr. Lovick enjoys improving his patient’s smiles through implant surgery and Invisalign Orthodontics. He is an avid hockey player and fan. He plays goal every Friday afternoon for the Dental Hockey League and every Monday for the 60 and older league. He has been a pilot for over 30 years and has been flying his beloved Twin Apache plane for almost as long as he has had his license.

During the summer months, Dr.Lovick and his wife enjoy taking their plane on “Excellent Adventures”! For the past several years, Dr. Lovick has been building a float-plane that will allow him to travel to remote locations for hunting and fishing. Dr. Lovick feels that he will never fully retire, as he enjoys coming into work and “visiting” with his long-term patients.

Dr. Jon Calvert

Dr. Jon Calvert is originally from Lethbridge, Alberta. He spent as much of his early life as he could on the soccer field, as a coach, player, and referee. After graduating from high school, Jon made the decision to travel to Ukraine as a full-time service volunteer for 25 months. While there, Jon developed a profound love for humanity, and will happily say that he’s never come to know a person, without also coming to respect them. While there, I learned how to speak, read and write in Russian.

On graduating from the University of Alberta in Biology and Chemistry in 2015, Jon and his wife Angela made the decision to move with their young daughter to Sydney, Australia and attend the University of Sydney. Jon welcomed a second daughter while in Sydney and graduated from the DMD program in 2019. Dr. Calvert returned home in February 2020 to begin practicing as a General Dentist in Alberta.

Dr. Calvert loves all aspects of General Dentistry and is excited to delve deeper into whichever courses will benefit his patients most. Currently, he’s enrolled in a CBCT course through the University of Alberta.

Outside of the dental office, Dr. Calvert loves to pick up new skills like piano tuning and home maintenance, spend time with his wife and three children, read books, and play games. He’s also the proud owner of a karaoke trophy and gained an altogether unhealthy love of spreadsheets and budgeting from his father.

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