Dental Bridges and Crowns in Springbank Hill

At Springbank Hill Dental in Calgary, our dentists will make every effort to keep your natural tooth. So if you have a tooth with extensive decay or damage, we resort to dental crowns to protect the tooth, preserve its beauty, and enhance its function. We also offer dental bridges to renew your lost smile and restore any tooth damage in the most natural-looking way possible.

What is a dental bridge?

A dental bridge is a fixed dental prosthesis that effectively replaces up to 3 adjacent missing teeth. By its name, it technically “bridges” a gap caused by tooth loss. It comprises a dental crown on either side of the tooth space (abutments) that fix the artificial teeth to complete your smile.

An abutment has to be strong, healthy, and stable enough to support the bridge during function. Once the bridge is in position, it should enhance your chewing ability and improve your appearance with a complete set of teeth. Dental bridges are a great alternative to removable prostheses such as dentures. They are cost-effective and fixed in the mouth for confidence during wear.

What is a dental crown?

Meanwhile, a tooth crown is a “cap” placed over an existing natural tooth with compromised health, function, and structure. It is the treatment of choice if dental fillings will not suffice to restore the tooth and before your dentist considers tooth extraction.

Some of the reasons why you may need a dental crown are:

  • A tooth with significant decay
  • Fractured or broken tooth
  • Discoloured or poorly shaped tooth
  • Final restoration after root canal treatment
  • Coverage for dental implants

Larger decays or fractures are ideally treated with a dental crown. This will cover and protect the remaining tooth structures to prevent further damage that may lead to tooth loss. With this treatment, your crowns dentist in SW Calgary can save your tooth while improving its appearance and long-term durability.

What is involved in getting a bridge or crown?

The treatment with bridges and crowns at Springbank Hill Dental in Calgary involves four routine steps:

Treatment planning

Your treatment begins with deciding which type of bridge or crown you prefer. You can discuss this with your crowns or bridges dentist in SW Calgary so they can recommend which suits your lifestyle and budget.

You can choose from metal, metal-porcelain, porcelain, and zirconia ceramic.

Tooth preparation

Then, our dentist will prepare your tooth. Abutments for the bridge and the involved tooth for the crown will be trimmed down to reduce their size. Decay will also be removed. This will create strong and healthy support for the bridge or crown to be placed. After that, a mouth impression will be taken, and your tooth mould will be sent to the dental lab.

Fitting the restoration

A trial fit session will be accomplished to check for the fit, appearance, and overall quality of the bridge or crown. The restoration should look natural to match the rest of your teeth. Our dentist mindfully customizes this for you to meet your expectations. If you are satisfied, final polishing will take place.

Placing the restoration

And lastly, your dentist will cement your bridge or crown to complete and renew your smile. Any excess cement will be removed, and your bite will be checked to prevent early fracturing. The result is a smile that should look and function like natural teeth.

Bridge or Crown: Which do you need?

If you are unsure which treatments you need, it is best to visit a bridges and crowns dentist in SW Calgary. They will conduct a thorough assessment of the health of your existing teeth to determine what can help you achieve optimal health and smile goals.

Crowns and bridges are used for very different reasons. A crown is a single unit of artificial tooth that protects and rehabilitates your natural tooth. Meanwhile, a bridge is a set of at least three crowns that replaces a missing tooth.

If you are still confused, our Springbank Hill SW Calgary dentist is ready to help. Their experience and expertise can help provide solutions to your dental problems with utmost ease and confidence.

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